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Playfight IKEA image

Socking it to each other.

So let’s start from the beginning. It looks like ‘Playfight’ is the latest creative to come from Mother London for IKEA. And let me tell you, its cheeky and delightful. I’ll admit that I’m quite partial. I have nothing for respect for this agency, and truthfully it’s Stella Artois creative (and let’s face it, the first two seasons of Mad Men) are the reason I decided to pursue a career in Advertising in the first place. I’ll pretty much love anything they spit out, and if this is what they have to offer, please keep spittin’.

I admire any commercial or campaign that doesn’t ask me to buy anything. Please don’t beg, it doesn’t look good on anyone. Just sit me down, show me a good time, and give me a feeling. This spot makes me feel cozy and at home. Quite frankly, if Mother NY gave me a job I’d probably pee my pants.